• http://greengallery.ie/collections/bowie-art-exhibition
    David Bowie. Sound and Vision Exhibition. - Blackstar. winner of 5 grammys
  • http://greengallery.ie/collections/serguei-zlenko
    Serguei Zlenko

    Beautiful New Arrivals

  • http://greengallery.ie/collections/elena-mikhailova
    Elena Mikhailova

    Original Oils

  • http://greengallery.ie/collections/jonathan-knuttel
    Jonathan Knuttel

    Peep Hole. Truce and By the light of the Moon. Great paintings by a very popular artist

  • http://greengallery.ie/collections/gift-card
  • http://greengallery.ie/collections/one4all
  • http://greengallery.ie/collections/norm-stiff
    Just Arrived. Old Favorites. Gas Lamps
Very Popular Contemporary Art Gallery in Dublin Ireland. Great selection of paintings and prints by well known Irish and International artists. 
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