Andriy Ozernyy


Andriy is an Irish Ukrainian artist.

Born in 1966 in Kosiv, western Ukraine. At 7 years of age he moved to Mykholayiv in southern Ukraine.

In 1983 he graduated in Fine Arts and kept up his artistic studies gaining a qualification from the Kosivsky College of Applied Arts.

Andriy specialised in fine art working very losely with large btush and knife. He liked to feel emotion and works the oils with great fluidity. Electing to express a sense of warm light and reflection in movement in his beloved seascapes. They dance. In the past he has worked in handcrafts. He has had extensive exhibitions in his native Ukraine and nowadays his works are part of private collections in ireland, the U.K. North America, Europe and Asia.

From 1990, Andriy had been working with his father, the prominent Ukrainian artist Mykhailo Ozernyy. Winning the Finest Ukrainian Distinction for Fine Arts, the T. Shevchencko Award. It was under the leadership of Mykhailo Ozernyy and in collaboration with his wife Tetyana Tsaryk –also exhibiting at The Green Gallery- that Andriy worked on the project commissioned by the Ukrainian National Theatre, a ceramic panneau located in that building. The magnificent piece can be admired today at this its original location.

Other works commissioned to Andriy include interior design for restaurants, cafes and pubs.

In Chernivtsi, Andriy worked as an artist within the UKR SSR Ukrainian Productive Complex. In 1999, after receiving the prestigious award Artist Revelation of the Year, Andriy and Tatyana decided to come to Ireland to further their artistic career.

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