Honor Hales

    Dublin born Honor Hales grew up with an ever present curiosity for the creative, whether it be art, drama, or music. Art College was a natural progression, so it was off to Waterford Institute of Technology, where she studied Visual Communications through Design until 1993.

    After spending a number of years working as a free-lance designer, amonst other things, and showing her work through gallerys, Honor decided to set up on her own. Visual Instinct opened it's doors in Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin, in 1998. This was a great showcase for her work, but the call of the mountains and forests eventually won! She sold up and moved to the midlands in early 2007.

    Honor's work comes predominantly in two forms, glass and canvas. The glass pieces are created with liquid lead and enamel varnishes on clear or handmade glass with a variety of backings ranging from handmade paper to crushed velvet. The canvas pieces are mainly on chunky stretched canvas and painted with acrylic, oil, liquid lead and enamel varnishes.

    Almost all of Honor's work is textured, and as the materials she uses are quite robust, she encourages the viewer to reach out and touch each piece. It feels like braille. The connection between the viewer and the piece is a large part of why Honor paints.
    A love of line and fascination with colour began in earnest in college, where she wrote her thesis on colour psychology. This interest hasn't faded, quite the opposite in fact.

    Always open to new ideas, Honor enjoys the challenge of something different, and, therefore, welcomes bespoke work whether paintings or larger pieces for windows, room dividers, or very special gifts, such as a wedding present for Ozzy Osborne's son Louis.
    Collections are owned by the Health Board (Ireland) and Sun Microsystems for example. A number of her pieces have been presented to members of government - Former Tanaiste, Mary Harney TD; former Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern TD; EU Commissioner Charlie McGreevy TD; former President of the EU Parliament, Pat Cox, to name but a few.
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