About Lucia Cullinane


"I came into the world in 1976 in Valencia, Spain, born to a Spanish father and Irish mother. It was a very joyous time in Spain: Franco had just died and democracy was blossoming after 40 years of a right wing dictatorship. My parents told me that they went, with trepidation, to buy champaign to celebrate the death of the dictatorship, only to find the shelves empty!

Love of the arts has been in my family for generations. My Spanish grandmother was an artist of great talent in her own right and my father is a well-known Spanish novelist. As a child, my mother took me on regular visits to the Prado Museum in Madrid, where I developed a profound appreciation for classical art. Later on, when visiting New York, I discovered the Guggenheim Museum, and developed a flair for modern art - I had the advantage of having an older sister who had a degree in Art History who helped me develop a more profound understanding of art and artists.

I regularly visited Ireland as a child and had a great love of Ireland and its people. Just 6 years ago I made the major decision to move here, just as my artistic life was beginning to take off in Spain.

I’ve painted since I was old enough to hold a pencil. However, I did not exhibit my works until recent years. I live in the south of Ireland and began to exhibit my works locally – my first exhibition being in Lismore, Co. Waterford. This was far more successful than I could ever have imagined. So I began to show my work further afield, including The Old Market House Museum and the Jones Gallery (Dungarvan). 

Gradually, as my work became better known, I was successful in selling my work at the prestigious Adams Auctioneers (Dublin) and The Green Gallery (Dublin). More recently, I have been contacted by auctioneers in other parts of the country who are very interested in my work."

Very Popular Contemporary Art Gallery in Dublin Ireland. Great selection of paintings and prints by well known Irish and International artists. 
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