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From the beginning, stencil graffiti art has been an avenue for social, political and artistic expression geared towards the masses. Dublin is a city renowned for its diversity in culture, art and is home to some of the most creative and progressive street artists in the world. In recent years it has become a hive activity for street art and graffiti in reaction to social and political issues of our time.   Art has been central to ADW’s life ever since he started dabbling with paintbrushes while still at school. After five years studying animation in Dublin, he moved to Britain to work for computer games company.  In 2008 he moved back to Ireland and began creating street art full-time. A determined creative and social activist, the economic collapse provided the backdrop for much of his work. Laced with satire and burnt by honesty, his pieces are often imbued with a dash of acerbic humour. With the city as his canvas, ADW tries to reflect the everyday hopes, fears and anger of the ordinary people of Dublin.    This exhibition sees an engaging and exciting mix of old and new work from Ireland’s boldest street artist who has continually pushed the boundaries of stencil craft to new levels. A culture clash of somewhat surreal art, his work begs the public to question the status quo, especially relating to the social structures and political forces that we live under.   ADW combines all that he knows from his street-art and digital design background to create works of art that accurately depict his perspective of the world around him, his work is a comment on society, inviting the public to engage and react. Inspired by the world around him.
Very Popular Contemporary Art Gallery in Dublin Ireland. Great selection of paintings and prints by well known Irish and International artists. 
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