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The Green Gallery Gift Card

By Top Floor. St Stephens Green Ctr. Dublin 2

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We have pleasure in introducing, The Green Gallery Gift Card.

If you wish to purchase a painting or a print, or some credit for picture framing for a loved one, but you are not sure of their preference in style or taste. We have just the answer for you.

How to use The Green Gallery Gift Card.

It's easy. Select a € amount by clicking on the options menu above.

Add to cart and follow through CHECKOUT.

Either select customer login or continue as guest.

Please then follow normal online purchasing procedures.

Gift Cards are available in nominations from €20 (Need to purchase a gift card amount that is not on our list? Just purchase a second Gift Card to make up the amount). Or email us and we can great a custom gift card.

You can deliver your Green Gallery Gift Card to your loved one by email. Or you can also send it by simply printing it out and posting it. May we suggest registered post.

Each gift card has a unique PIN number for verification purposes.

The Green Gallery Gift Card can be topped up too. If there is not enough credit on the gift card when making a desired purchase, the recipient can simply top it up mid purchase.

The Green Gallery Gift Card. An ideal gift for that special occasion.

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Very Popular Contemporary Art Gallery in Dublin Ireland. Great selection of paintings and prints by well known Irish and International artists. 
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