November 23rd to December 07th 2017
Elena Mikhailova "A Personal View"
A beautiful exhibition by Elena Mikhailova. Wonderful textural rich and interesting oil paintings by this extraordinary Russian artist.
'Girl Talk'
Is a vibrant and exciting exhibition of contemporary artwork celebrating women in a variety of style and manner.
Remembering Ireland.
An exquisite selection of paintings and prints of Ireland by our gallery artists.
June through August 2017.
David Bowie 'Sound and Vision' exhibition of paintings and prints by his fans.
January 04th to March 31st 2017.
15th March to 31st May 2016. 1916exhibition
27th November to 11th December 2014.   Jim FitzPatrick
1 – 21 May | Opening: 1 May 2014 at 6pm   John Skelton and John Francis Skelton
The Green Gallery, Top Floor, St Stephens Green Centre, Dublin 2
The Green Gallery is excited to announce that we will be opening an exhibition of recent paintings by John Francis Skelton to include a selection of fine art works and prints by his late Father, renowned artist John Skelton (1925 Armagh -2009 Dublin).
This is a long awaited event and comprises the style of both Father and Son with a refreshing and interesting look into the most recent work’s of John junior, highlighting influences of his legendary Fathers technique.
It is with great pleasure that we have been able to produce this exhibition, particularly as we are now in our 20th year trading.


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November 14th to Nov 28th 2013




 March 16th to April 15th 2013

 Dublin; The Exhibition 


February 28th - March 14th 2013  

Elena Mikhailova 

November 22nd - December 8th 2012   

Peter Knuttel 



October 25th - November 10th 2012

Tetiana Tsaryk and Andriy Ozernyy 




June 2011. The Art Of Ronnie Wood




May 2011. The Art Of John Lennon



Aughust 20th 2009

Exhibition of portraits and memorabilia to celebrate what would have been Phil Lynott's 60th Birthday.

opened by Philomena Lynott.




Elena Mikhailova From February 28th to March 14th