Dermot O' Grady


Dermot O'Grady. The New Norm

Hey everyone. I hope you are all bearing up in these troubled times.

I am Dermot O' Grady  the owner, gallerist of The Green Gallery and I have just put a few pieces of my own works up for sale. NEW PAINTINGS  I hope you enjoy.. This is a new norm for me. I think with all that's going on and if we have time to reflect on what we would have like to have done in the past and perhaps what we would like to do in the future. We should maybe open our minds and let it all happen. LIFE'S TOO SHORT!

If you like what I do and if you would like me to create a particular size and colour for you just let me know your thoughts. I can paint up to 140cm by 222cm and  I'll deliver country wide for free. Much love and best wishes, Dermot O'Grady

Very Popular Contemporary Art Gallery in Dublin Ireland. Great selection of paintings and prints by well known Irish and International artists. 
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