DOG (Dermot O' Grady)


    Hey everyone. I hope you are all doing good.

    I am Dermot O' Grady (DOG is my art signature name)

    I am owner-curator of The Green Gallery since I first opened it's doors on January 05th 1995.

    Over the past years I have begun to show my own works. I paint in oils and acrylics. Generally in uber strong bright colours and textures. Most of my works are non figurative. Sometimes there's leanings towards landscape and with the landscapes there is generally always a golden Sun. (I think the Sun is all important in all our lives as without it we simply would not exist.)

    I also love to paint abstract and I very often get lost in the studio splashing and dripping in wonderfully strong colours while playing David Bowie and other rock music loudly.

    I am influenced but not definitively to the style of Jackson Pollock and Sean Scully.

    I have been known to take on large scale commissions. So feel free to ask!


    Volodymyr Zelensky Defiant.

    I have created DEFIANT. An iconic image of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky. Primarily to assist the Ukranian people in this terrible humanitarian crises. All profits from the sales of the posters go to the people of Ukraine.

    I have elected to portray President Zelensky in a bold and dark outline to characterize the situation that he and his Country are in and therefor not in a realistic fashion. It will be open to criticism of course as all art is and I apologize in advance if people are upset about it. The portrait is in a way representing the people of Ukraine in their defiance and heroism against the harrowing circumstances that they have been subjected to.

    The artworks are called Defiant and героїчний (Ukraine for Heroic) and they are both copywrite protected. Available in 4 sizes, framed or unframed, I can also supply a particular size if you contact me to discuss.
    The prints are limited edition and are of highest quality archival inks on heavy art paper.
    Please go to the drop down menu above this text to see sizes/prices. 

    Thank you.
    DOG Dermot O'Grady


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    28 products