Marie Carroll

    Marie Carroll was born in St John’s Wood, London, of Quaker stock. Her formal training was at Goldsmith College of Art where she spent three years learning and developing her masterly control of light and colour. The influence of her early impressionism and postimpressionism is readily recognisable in Marie’s work.

    After graduating from college she spent a number of years working in Paris from where she moved to Montraux, Switzerland. On returning to London she took up painting full time and started to sell through well-established galleries in Sloane Square and London’s West End.

    Marie moved to Ireland in the 1970’s where she fell in love with the vibrant landscapes of counties Dublin and Wicklow. Her work is also inspired by the bustle of street activities and market places – she regards Dublin as a “feminine city”. She likes to paint en plein air thus capturing the spontaneity of the moment.

    Today the dominant themes in her painting are seascapes and landscapes, which reflect her interest in the painterly concerns of contemporary French painting and illustrate the success with which the artist assimilates aspects of impressionism in her work.

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