Valerij Makovojs (Val McEvoy)



    Valerij(Val) Was born in 1953 in the village Belaya-Berezka in Bryansk region of Russia but moved to Latvia in 1975 where he now resides.

    An exceptional painter,Val graduated from the Latvian Academy of Arts in 1983 as a graphics artist and through further studies he became a lecturer. Lecturing both in graphic design and masterclass watercolour techniques.

    Among other prestigious appointments Val worked as a leading designer for a famous perfume and cosmetics company "Dzintars" in Latvia.

    Makovoj(McEvoy) also worked in the field of books ilustrations, Collaborating with Latvian publishing houses, and since 1995 with Kaliningrad's with the well known printing company - "Yantarni skaz", where he created artwork for more than 60 books.

    During his career he also managed his own art studio.

    Val McEvoy travels extensively for inspiration, visited the Altai region, Georgia and Abkhazia, Crimea, Ukraine, Belarus, and in 2007 and 2009 he visited Ireland where his family now reside.  Living here for several months at a time ever since.

    In 2008 he opened a personal exhibition - "The mood of nature" at Moscow House in Riga that was based on his trips and contained more than 60 artworks of various styles like watercolours, acrylic and oil paintings, decorations, graphics, 2D woodcarvings, sculpture and book ilustrations.

    Val McEvoy has participated in almost 50 exhibitions to date, 11 of which were personal and 9 international.

    His works are held in private collections in USA, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and Israel.



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    28 products