Noel Lewis

    Dublin artist Noel’s style is extremely individual. He works in oil and watercolours, exploiting both media to their absolute potential. The predominant feature in Noel’s work is his use of colour, creating vibrancy and atmosphere

    Lewis's abstracts demonstrate the strength of an oil painter while retaining the fluidity, movement and atmospherics of his watercolours by building layers of thin acrylic before applying oils . His willingness to diversify his application methods and the changes of mood in the works ensures a range of atmosphere and character in his canvases. He uses strong design and colour knowledge, creating energetic and vibrant pieces. There is a strong influence of natural design sources throughout this style ensuring that he is by far one of Ireland’s most innovative artists. 

    Noel’s choice of colours is certainly influenced by his travels to Europe on a regular basis, there being a strong Mediterranean feel throughout his work. He also travels throughout Ireland, working outdoors to create a series of watercolour landscapes. He uses a soft watercolour style in which the colour tones define the landscape forms. Noel’s brushwork is loose and with an unusual approach to composition the result is visually lively and engaging works.