Oksana Popova


    Member of the Artists Association of Ireland.

    Oksana has a Batchelor of Arts Degree in Painting/Illustration
    She has studies at Kiev Art School 1978-1985 and Ukrainian Academy of Fine Art 1985 to 1991.

    Oksana is a freelance artist in Ireland. Corporate and private clients from Ireland; Great Britain, USA, GERMANY France Sweden, Switzerland and other countries have commissioned her paintings. In 1992 to 1993 She was a free lance Artist/Illustrator in Kiev, Ukraine. She worked for various publishers including Dnipro Publishing House, Siayvo Publishing House, Zhinka Magazine, Kovax Ltd and Ukrmedia Ltd.

    She also worked as an Illustrator/Graphic Designer, Grailik Publishing House Ukraine. Illustrated a number of children’s books including Ukrainian Folk Fairy Tales, Kilobok, Doctor Aybolit, Scandinavian Fairy Tales and Short Stories by Gofman.

    She has exhibited in Ukrainian Young Artists exhibitions, Modern Graphics Exhibition, International Womens Art Exhibition Ukraine 1992, Ukrainian Illustrator 1993 Exhibition, Art on Tour, Ireland 1998-2000; The Guinness Gallery Dublin Ireland, this was a solo exhibition.

    Oksana has exhbited for many years to the present day at The Green Gallery. Dublin.

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