Phil Lynott


    At The Green Gallery we love Philo - Phil Lynott. The legend front man of possibly the greatest rock band ever,Thin Lizzy.

    If Phil was still around today they would without mistake be up there with present day greats!

    I have memories of Phil jumping my front garden wall in Poddle Park in Kimmage around about 1974. Me and Dad were in the garden and Dad called Phil a young hooligan. To which Phil replied. Go way ya old Bol*"x.

    I enjoyed many a gig at the point and always loved the dual guitar solos and Phil's incredible stage presence as the spotlight shone off the pickguard of his bass as he reflected it into the audience.

    I hope you enjoy our great selection of fine art prints and statues of The Rocker. Rip Philo.

    Dermot O'Grady

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    18 products