Sarah Connor Bookless

    Sarah T. Connor Bookless is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland specialising in Fine Art. She has an Entry in the Who's Who in Art 2015. She has had her painting successfully selected and sold in the prestigious Royal Academy in London Summer Exhibition and in the Llewellyn Alexander Fine Art Gallery in London. Sarah loves colour and uses this skill to paint striking modern, meaningful painting, imbuing them with a love of poetry and ancient spirituality.

    ''Ever since I can remember I have always loved colour. As a child I always admired the beautiful carpets of colour made by the bluebells, daffodils, tulips and forget-me-nots on a warm Spring morning. I waited eagerly for blossoming of the Apple and Cherry Blossom Trees and was always intrigued by ''finches wings...and ''landscape plotted and pieced ''[Gerald Manley Hopkins]"

    This led onto a fascination with textiles and colourful fabrics. As a result my paintings often incorporates the use of mixed media/collage/and gold foil to create pattern and surface texture. Every Artist has her/his own special vision and therefore paints the world as she/he perceives it in order to bring out the special qualities of vision, knowledge and understanding.

    Meditation of poetry, music and scriptures are very much an integral part of my paintings and I seek to encapsulate their very essence and translate them into vibrant colour and form. ''Without vision the people perish'' [Book of Proverbs] is a line from Scripture that I particularly treasure for in my journey as a Pilgrim Artist. I discover the precious cameos in everyday life, the small jewels found on “THE WAY”, the pearls of insight, perception and wisdom, and it is these reflections and insights that form the very Heart, Soul and Spiritual Threads of my life as an Artist.''


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    2 products