Sean Curran Dublin Scenes

    Seán Curran is originally form Rathcoole in Co. Dublin He lived there until his early twenties, emigrating to Canada in 1989. He spent 8 years in Ontario and returned home in 1997 and now lives in Naas Co. Kildare.

    I have always been interested in sketching and drawing from a very early age and first started painting in oils when I was about eleven years old. To be able to create light and shade and to make an object look three dimensional on a flat piece of paper or board was always something I got great pleasure in, especially when I achieved it!

    It wasn’t until I was in my early twenties, when I first started to experiment with watercolour, that I saw the medium I really wanted to work in. I immediately loved its transparency and how it allowed the artist to achieve a subtle and refreshing look to an image.

    When I emigrated to Canada, I started to look at the North American watercolour artists and for the first time saw how accurate and detailed, one could get with this medium. Artists such as Steve Hanks, Jack Reid and Robert O’Brien opened my mind to what I wanted to achieve with this media.

    While living in Canada I attended the Dundas Valley School of Art, in Ontario. After completion of this course I continued to work more than ever in watercolour and in 1996 was invited to take part in my first ever exhibition in the Sigmund Gallery, in Burlington Ontario. After the exhibition the gallery owner approached me with the proposal to publish two of my paintings into limited edition print. We agreed and both prints proved to be popular with the Canadian public.

    I returned home to Ireland in 1997 and endeavoured to improve my skills. I became more and more involved in various exhibitions with others and eventually held a one man show in 2003 in Wexford, which sold out.

    I have continued exhibiting my work and am now exhibiting in The Green Gallery.

    I hope you enjoy what you see.
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