about Elena Mikhailova

 Elena Mikhailova is an Irish artist of  Russian origin. 

She hails from the South-Western Siberia city of Novokuznetsk. To most minds Siberia

hails from the South-Western Siberia city of Novokuznetsk. To most minds Siberia always means one thing – extreme cold. Elena immediately dispels all that with her warm personality and infectious humour. In fact, her paintings with their lyricism and generous use of strong colour exude a candescence that is engaging and compelling.

She came to Ireland via America where she had furthered her artistic studies. Since arriving she has been in constant demand through private work numerous exhibitions and galleries. 

Elena is recognized as an artist of remarkable talent. Her inspired use of the brush and palette evokes affectionate scenes of cities and landscapes of Ireland and the world. Of particular note is her use of light to capture the varying moods of the cities. Her portraiture too is most striking, she seems to be able to capture the very essence of a person in a most extraordinary manner. Her paintings of children are just captivating and one almost expects them to walk out of the canvas.

For those of you that love horses, she has certainly touched a cord here with her oils of flat and national hunt scenes carrying all the resonance of the moment itself.

Don Quijote is Elena's alter ego. The chivalrous Knight appears in many of her paintings and has become a stamp of Mikhailova's recognition. 

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