About Bartek


Born in 1974 in Warsaw, Poland.

1994 1999 studied in The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Graduated with distinction from Prof.Leon Tarasewicz studio in 1999.

Solo exhibitions

2000 Galeria Biala, Lublin, Poland
2001 Industrial cityscape , Warsaw


Awarded 1st place at international Art Festival “Tczew” in painting discipline.

Artist statement

I have lived in Dublin for four years so this is a relatively new environment for me however it is becoming more and more familiar each day and I am beginning to feel a strong link with it.

Before I came to Ireland I used to paint industrial cityscapes of Warsaw, here in Dublin I try to capture the atmosphere of the city in its most typical character. To achieve this I tend not to limit my topics only to industrial parts of Dublin, but to explore different areas of the city and its surroundings. I show Dublin in various times of the day and weather conditions, however I must admit that dusk and evening are the times that impress my the most. The magic moments just before switing the city lights, on preparing for the night life, are my favourite of all and my artistic aim is to express this fascinating charm.

Painting is a never ending challenge to me and after all, the topic is merely the excuse for playing with composition, line and most of all – colour.