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Ed Chapman is one of the UK’s top mosaic artists. He has created mosaics in many different media, ranging from his usual ceramic tile to penny coins and even chewing gum.

He has undertaken commissions for the likes of Cadbury’s, Oxfam, Cancer Research and Revolution bars and has sold work in galleries all over the world.

He has displayed mosaics in Harrods, Harvey Nichols, and Selfridge’s and his private clients include pop stars, rock icons and Manchester United and England footballers.

In 2011 his portrait of Jimi Hendrix made from plectrums sold for £23,000 at Abbey Road Studios in London.



Ed Chapman is a contemporary UK artist specialising in ceramic mosaics. In his instantly recognisable style, the artist achieves incredibly detailed results, painstakingly creating his subjects using thousands of fragments of ceramic tile.
A largely self-taught artist based in the North-West of the UK, Ed studied art through school and college before pursuing a career in journalism. Fascinated with bringing a contemporary twist to an ancient medium, Ed began creating mosaic works over a decade ago, resulting in him finally being able to leave journalism behind for life as a professional artist in 2001.
Originally he worked with paper, creating a series of portrait mosaics, whilst at the same time experimenting with cityscapes. Looking for a new challenge, Ed moved on to glass, metal, and ceramic tile, eventually settling on the latter as his medium of choice.
Influenced by artists such as Chuck Close, Robert Rauschenberg, and Jamie Reid, Ed also finds inspiration for his works in the music of bands like the Sex Pistols and The Doors, as well as in everyday articles such as magazines and televised images.
Ed strives to create intricate photo-realist portraits set against contrasting bold colour backdrops, forcing the viewer to question if his mosaics are, in fact paintings. Each work comprises thousands of ceramic tile pieces, all cut and fastened by hand, and impeccably finished.
Whilst continuing to focus on his core subject matter of portraiture, Ed has recently begun revisiting his torn paper works again, and has produced a series of 3D works, to critical acclaim. The artist is also available to commission and can create personal portraits from life or photography.
Ed has exhibited throughout the UK and across Europe and the US with further exhibitions planned for 2008/09 in New York and Hong Kong. His work has a number of high profile collectors.

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