About Enkhbold Dambadarjaa

Enkhbold Dambadarjaa


Enkhbold was born on the 25th February 1966 in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. He pursued his education in many different countries including Mongolia, Russia and England. All of these countries have left their mark on his work through the visible influence of different genres and artistic resorts. Because of this we can enjoy pieces that represent many diverse subjects, such as Mongolian horseracing along the characteristic steppes, or hunting scenes in the English woods. 

Some years ago Enkhbold made his home in Ireland. He has become very well respected here and exhibits at the annual R.H.A. exhibitions very regularly. Enkhbold enjoys all the changes produced by nature. The light or the changing colours of the landscape provoke a sense of the seasons and the vulnerability of the human condition. His main subject matter is the horse racing, landscape and wildlife, executed through the mediums of oil and watercolour.

 Enkhbold Dambadarjaa has a successful background as a scenery designer, working for Mongolian National Television preparing backdrops for the news, drama and documentary films.



2001                       Plain- Air Painting Diploma. Wales, Great Britain

1986- 1992           The Repin State Academical Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. St Petersburg, Russia

1981- 1985           College of Art. Mongolia


Details of Societies

1993                       Member of the Mongolian Art Federation

                                Regular exhibitor at the annual R.H.A. exhibition, Ely Place Dublin



1995/ 1997/ 2001               Employee of the Year. Mongolian National Television



Several TV programmes in the Golden Fund of the Mongolian National Television

2001                         Illustrations for the Birds Chapter in the Handbook for Customs Inspector, Wild Life in Mongolia, Mongolian Academy of Science.

2002 to date             The Green Gallery. Dublin.


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