About Paula Minchin

 Paula Minchin was born in Bagenalstown County Carlow. She Studied Art in the Limerick College of Art and Design and went to Birmingham University Faculty of Art, where she achieved an M.A. in Fine Art Painting. While in Birmingham Paula had the privilege of meeting and enjoying a working relationship with the Famous abstract English Artist Albert Irvine who’s style she highly regards. Paula has in her emerging years exhibited her work in group shows with Painters Tony O’Malley, Francis Tanzey Mick Mulcahey, Elizabeth Cope, Jane O’Malley and sculptors Joe Sloan and Sydney Harpley, among others. Paula loves the whole paraphernalia of painting; She loves the juiciness and sensuality of paint and colour and the contribution of shape and form. She sees these elements as a translation of the huge variety of visual and musical stimulus one can experience in any 21st century street. Her approach is brash using pure colour, applying it as thick impasto using her hands fingers brushes and anything else available to get it directly on to the canvas. She does not have any preconceived ideas for the paintings. In her own words: each painting is a journey, a samba or a series of surprises and the final product is the biggest surprise of them all and therefore never can not be guessed at until the painting is complete. I am in my element when I am painting, losing my self in the reality in which I have created, continually questioning and redefining the ritual of painting as I see it. Brian Fallon, Irish Times Arts review editor had the following to say of her work. Paula Minchins work draws on a period of living in Spain and they have a brash, folksy ,high coloured quality which almost conceals the fact that they are also well thought out formally. Paula has exhibited her work through out Ireland , in Spain and in England. Her Paintings are in the Board Rooms of Elan Corp, The Yard Digital Editing Studios and are also in many public and private art collections. Paula has now built a new collection of paintings and wishes to exhibit with established Galleries who will actively promote her work.

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