If you have a flair for Irish History and Art you might want to become a volunteer and assist with our forthcoming 1916exhibition.

The exhibition will commence on March 16th. The official opening night. (But your help may be required a few days previous). and continue until the end of May.

We are looking for enthusiastic and outgoing men and women from 18 years up.

The exhibition will be held on the top floor of St Stephens Green Centre. Dublin 2.
Volunteers with artistic knowledge and  historical knowledge of the time are being recruited  to curate the exhibition. ie; be there during opening times to talk to people enthusiastically about the many different  art works and historical images that will be on view. To answer questions and basically enjoy talking art and history. Most visitors will be tourists, so an extra  language or 2 will come in very handy.
Opening hours are from 11am to 6pm  each day (7days)  lots of hours to have to please feel free to spread the word.
please let us know as to what hours you would be prepared to put in. As we need to create a roster for everyone. you can email
 (it's understood you may be  a student so may not be able to cover beyond the Easter break. But please let us know what you for-see as possible to assist us in working out our plans.
We will be having a meeting this coming Thursday 25th at 7pm in The Green Gallery to explain more.Please try to attend this meeting if you wish to take part.
best regards
Dermot O'Grady


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