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James Connolly

By Jim FitzPatrick

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This is a brand new artwork and is part of a larger collection of Irish revolutionaries.

JAMES CONNOLLY was born in Scotland to Irish parents and was the co-founder of the Irish labour Party in 1912 to unite both Protestant and Catholic workers in the battle for workers rights and he led the workers against the notorious lockout of 1913.
He was key to establishing the Irish Citizen Army and led them alongside Pearse’s Volunteers and the wording of the Proclamation of Independence can clearly be seen to be his handwork alongside that of Pearse.
He served as Commandant-General and was badly wounded in the battle for the GPO in Dublin. Tied to a chair he was executed by British firing squad. He was buried in quicklime.

This is a very limited edition of only 95 prints, large size A1 (32”x 22”) signed by me and embossed for authenticity

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