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Sculpture Of An Elephant 

Fiberglass and mixed media

Measurements 125 x 120 x 55cm 

As part of the "Elephant in the Room" project, which raises badly needed funds towards mental health supports in the workplace, I have designed and painted an elephant sculpture (pictures attached here). The elephant is painted in a base of blue, pink and white, and equipped with the new pride progress flag to highlight the importance of LGBTQ pride and acceptance in combatting unsafe or discriminatory work environments. The elephant titled 'Ele-LGBTQ-phant' currently sits proudly in our gallery, and recieves a lot of attention, from curious children and art enthusiasts alike.
The Sculpture is available for sale. All proceeds of the sale will go to The Samaritans.
If you are interested or if you know anyone who would be interested in making this purchase, kindly contact me and we can arrange a private viewing.
DOG (Dermot O'Grady) 00353 851 988 441

This great appreciation from:

Elephant In The Room Movement.

🌈 Happy Pride Festival! 🎉✨ Today, as we celebrate love, acceptance, and diversity, we want to shine a spotlight on the vibrant and inclusive artwork, Ele-LGBTQ-phant, created by the talented Dermot O'Grady. 🐘🎨

This beautifully painted elephant embodies the spirit of the LGBTQ+ community, spreading love, unity, and pride. 🌈❤️ Let's honour the courage and resilience of LGBTQ+ individuals and their ongoing fight for equality.

As we come together to celebrate this special day, we wish everyone a fantastic Pride Festival filled with joy, acceptance, and memorable moments. 🎉🥳 Let's continue to support and uplift each other, creating a world where everyone can live authentically and with dignity.

Share the love, embrace diversity, and let's make every day a celebration of inclusion. 🌈❤️


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