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Sir Roger Casement

By Jim FitzPatrick

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Roger David Casement (Irish: Ruairí Dáithí Mac Easmainn; 1 September 1864 – 3 August 1916) – known as Sir Roger Casement CMG between 1911 and shortly before his execution for treason, when he was stripped of his knighthood was an Anglo-Irish diplomat for the United Kingdom, a humanitarian activist, Irish nationalist and a poet. Described as the “father of twentieth-century human rights investigations,” he was awarded honours in 1905 for the Casement Report on the Congo and knighted in 1911 for his important investigations of human rights abuses in Peru. He then made efforts during World War I to gain German military aid for the 1916 Easter Rising which sought to gain Irish independence. – WIKI

Have I done this great rebel Irishman justice? Hope so. Pearse, Connolly and the others died with dignity before the firing squad. Casement was destroyed in court, stripped of his knighthood, humiliated with pederast accusations. Yes he was gay and never hid that simple fact but his diaries were tampered with and ages of young men altered to children’s ages. They refused to allow him wash or change then hung him like a common criminal and dumped him in quicklime. Along with over 100,000 Dubliners I walked in his funeral procession after his remains were returned to us. Only then did I realize how he exposed King Leopold’s atrocities in the awful Belgian Congo. For that alone he should be forever remembered and one of the many reasons why Sir Roger Casement means so much to me.

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