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Ashes To Ashes

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Acrylic on panels


122cm by 268cm


“Ashes To Ashes”

Artist’s statement:

This quadriptych is a representational piece on Bowie's life in colour.

1. The first panel on the left representing the beginning of life. A chaotic entry into the world from the womb.

2. This panel takes on more controlled channeling in direction. Guided and meaningful developing talent.

3. This panel represents Bowie's most colourful and productive stage in his the most successful and productive period from the release of Space Oddity in 1969 to the Reality album in 2003. During this period David created 22 Studio albums. He also starred in 6 movies including the cult Sci-fi movie 'The Man who fell to Earth'.

4. This panel represents his withdrawal from public appearances and creativity after suffering a heart attack on stage in Prague in 2006.

Ill health was to follow turning this enigmatic superstar into a recluse. Until a surprise internet upload of 'Where are we now?' followed swiftly by the album 'The next day' excited fans into believing Bowie would tour again. Not to be, as behind the scenes David had been diagnosed with liver cancer. In his inevitable sadness and withdrawal our incredible Starman gave us a parting gift. 2 days before his passing, on his 69th birthday, the album 'Blackstar' came to us. David Bowie passed by on January 10th 2016. Like the brightest comet in a life’s solar system.

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